About Complete Plant Hire

Complete Plant Hire was originally established in 1999 and we have enjoyed many successful and productive years, supplying to projects mainly in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne through our Werribee office. Over the years things have changed including a company re-structure in late 2013.

Our Werribee office is managed by Graeme Dalton and with over 20 years experience in the earthmoving industry his knowledge is unmistakable.


We now have the resources to supply machinery and trucks all over the Melbourne area. We pride ourselves on supplying quality machines with experienced and conscientious operators. We strive to ensure you, as our valued client, will be treated with respect and receive the best personal service available in the Melbourne area.

Environmental Policy






We are committed to achieving leadership in Sustainable Environmental practice for all of our business operations. The foundation of our Policy is our commitment to ensure we endeavour to achieve world’s best practice.



Our Policy is to integrate these commitments, our corporate values, our programmes and

our practices into our businesses. The responsibility for implementing & leading this policy rests

with our management.



We believe it is the personal responsibility of everyone to also assist in implementing

our Policy, and to get things changed, fixed, redesigned or enhanced so as to ensure

a sustainable environment for all who work with us, visit us or do business

with us and minimise our environmental impact.



Compliance with Legislation is obviously important, and is only the minimum starting point.



We believe the best environmental solution is also the best business solution. 



We personally commit Complete Plant Hire (AUST) to this Policy, and task all employees, contractors and visitors to our workplace with the personal responsibility to assist us achieve our commitments.





Director: Graeme Dalton                                                    

Occupational Health and Safety





Complete Plant Hire is committed to providing and maintaining a work environment and systems of work that are safe and without risk to health.  We know that this can be achieved through professional management of our workplace with the active help and involvement of our employees.


The Directors are the officer’s responsible for the implementation and monitoring of this policy, and management at all levels are directly responsible, and will be held accountable for ensuring that all reasonably practicable action is taken so that all people under their supervision:


  • Observe, implement and fulfil the organisation’s responsibilities under the OH&S Act and associated regulations.

  • Establish occupational health and safety management objectives and review achievement of the objectives.

  • Allocate appropriate personnel and financial resources to enable achievement of health and safety management performance objectives.

  • Involve individuals in occupational health and safety levels, any workplace hazards posing health of safety risks.

  • Provide information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure that employees and others under our supervision can work without risk to their health and safety, including any workplace emergency situations.

  • Design, purchase, modify and maintain plant, equipment, systems of work and a work environment that considers the human capabilities, limitations and needs of our employees.

  • Ensure that people under our control (including contractors and visitors) are trained and supervised to ensure compliance with appropriate procedures and standards for their own and others’ health and safety at work.

  • Protect members of the public and customers from any risks of adverse health effects associated with the operation of the workplace.

  • Report any health and safety issue or occurrence of any incident, which may result in non-compliance with this policy to the appropriate authority (if required), or senior management.


    While management has the prime responsibility for workplace Health and Safety, all employees have a clear duty to ensure that due care is exercised for their own health and safety and that of others who could be affected by their actions.  Achievement of the aims of this policy requires that all employees shall comply with health and safety procedures/directions and will actively contribute to the continuous improvement of our Safety Management System.

    This policy will be reviewed annually and updated to conform to current trends and laws.



Director: Graeme Dalton